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Learn How To Pick The Best Protein Sources!
I've been around this industry for pushing 30 years now and in that time I've seen many trends/fads come and go. In the last few years nutrition tends to be focused around hitting macro numbers yet the message towards quality seems to have gone missing. Yes, you do have a total amount of certain nutrients stroke calories you require each day - that goes without saying. However, the quality has to be at the top of your agenda as well if you're going to make the most of your genetic potential. 

Below I have highlighted 3 KEY considerations for you when choosing the protein sources you eat. Yes, hit your protein target for the day and make sure it's spread so you're stimulating your muscle protein synthesis every 2-4 hours. 

However, also focus on these points... 


This essential amino acid must always be at the top of the list when choosing your protein. Things like eggs and chicken are obvious choices, as where something like pork wouldn't give you a meaningful amount of leucine unless you consumed around 1kg!! This amino acid triggers muscle protein synthesis, so don't get so creative with your protein sources that you miss out on this. Natural sources like poultry, steak, fish and eggs will always be the best choices! 

Fat Profiles 

Lots of protein sources, especially animal based also contain fats. Fats can hold toxins and the other key consideration is that different fats are healthier than others. For instance, a wild salmon is going to give you a great source of healthy omega 3s. In contrast, the fats found in a processed mass produced burger will likely be s***! 

Make sure as you're eating your protein through meat/fish you're sticking to good fats! 


In order for you to truly benefit from the protein you're ingesting you need to be able to break that protein down properly and assimilate it. This is why I always tell you to focus on the right protein source at the right time of day! For instance, before training go for something light such as white fish - it will break down very easily as where steak might stick in your GI tract for too long! 

Think about these things more to enhance your nutrition and the way you feel/progress. 

Neil Hill 
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